The Old Wild Fiddler The Old Fiddle Guy David Kuncicky
Winner (best cover song in any genre) New Mexico Music Awards 2016 Bluegrass cover of Walk of Life
"Blue pigeon" is slang in England for the lead used to seal metal roofs. Thieves steal the lead to sell much as copper wiring is stolen from houses in the USA. Someone performing the thievery is said to "fly the blue pigeon". Fly the Blue Pigeon
After all the violence and double talk ... Bluegrass cover of Nothing But Flowers
Cathedral Cove, New Zealand Bluegrass cover of Down Along the Cove
Finalist (best bluegrass song) New Mexico Music Awards 2016 The old stoat Plays the fiddle
An original ... Tough Cookie
A tale by Will McLean Tate's Hell
A song by my buddy Del Suggs ... A Hurricane's Coming
A classic written by my long-time friend Bill Wharton (The Sauce Boss) Play that fiddle!
Dave & the Biscuit Rollers debut Fire On The Mountain
Now available on CD Baby, Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube, the usual suspects ... A Little Past Moondown
Go you or I ... There but for Fortune
The Artful, meantime, rifled Oliver's pockets with steady assiduity. The Artful Dodger
Shrek lives ... Autumn Muster
It's all right ... End Of The Line
Winner (best novelty song) 2017 New Mexico Music Awards
Semi-finalist (best novelty song) 2016 International Songwriting Competition Two More Months 'til Medicare
Finalist (best instrumental performance in any genre) 2017 New Mexico Music Awards The Gates of Haast
Finalist (best arrangement in any genre) New Mexico Music Awards 2016 A Scandal in Bohemia
Poppa's singing gospel songs ... Wild Rose of the Mountain
... and she is fine! Struttin' With some Barbeque
Nobody writes 'em like Pokey LaFarge Bluegrass cover of Pack It Up
Written by Lillian Hardin Armstrong Hotter Than That
The words were never dirty, a beautiful love song ... Louie Louie
Takes on a new meaning later in life ... Bluegrass cover of The Last Time
Otis Spann meets Bihari ... The Baltic Boogie

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