News from David Kuncicky:

May 21, 2024. My original song Plague Doctors is in the TikTok library and video creators may use it as background music for their videos. To date it has appeared in 502 videos which have been viewed a total of 1.4 million times. My royalties from TikTok: $3.91

May 20, 2024. Not a bad day - first, to Home Depot to pick up some cleaning supplies - then to the New Mexico Music Awards.

May 5, 2024. The new ads on YouTube are driving me nuts. I am in the process of migrating my music links to SoundCloud and the videos to Vimeo.

December 15, 2023. There is a nice article about the release of "Saw You on the Street" in the December 2023 Christmas Edition of Indiefferential Magazine

This is a slick mag, check it out!

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