Nancy Rolled into Texas

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I've Been Loved

David Kuncicky, a rising star, is expected to enthrall audiences with his recent single "I've Been Loved," in July 2024. The song highlights Kuncicky's poetic skill and emotional depth, and it promises to be a sincere and reflective anthem. "I've Been Loved" delves into the peaks and valleys of life's journeys, with a poignant chorus that echoes with genuine passion. the new piece reflects the ways in which the actor has both acted and been acted upon in life.

Indiefferential Indiefferential, July 2024

Farewell to Florida

Your song struck a chord with me right from the start. The way you paint a picture of nostalgia and longing for what once was is captivating. I felt like I was right there with you, reminiscing about the memories of a place that holds a special spot in your heart. Your lyrics are like poetry, evoking a sense of bittersweet emotion that lingers long after the song ends.

Musically, "Farewell to Florida" is a masterpiece. The melody is hauntingly beautiful, weaving seamlessly with the heartfelt lyrics to create an atmosphere that's both nostalgic and hopeful. And your vocals? Absolutely mesmerizing. There's a raw honesty in your delivery that's truly refreshing. Get ready for the premiere of this amazing track on our music blog. The track's captivating lyrics and storytelling are what caught our attention, and we can't wait to share it with you. Watch out for its debut!

Certified Bop Certified Bop, May 2024

Such a wonderful track! It feels so heartfelt and the mixing makes it feel like the listener is next to the artist! Amazing work!

Indiefferential Indiefferential, May 2024

Innocents on the Run

Best original song 2024 New Mexico Music Awards

"Innocents on the Run" took me on a sonic journey that skillfully blended alt-folk vibes with a reggae undertone, creating a distinctive musical landscape. The lyrics, a tapestry of poignant storytelling, captivated me from the first verse. The poetic imagery, especially phrases like 'common sense went the way of the buffalo' and 'Jesse James JFK,' painted a vivid picture of a world turned upside down. The thematic exploration of societal upheaval and the search for direction resonated deeply, making it more than just a song but an introspective voyage.

... lyrical prowess shines as the narrative unfolds, seamlessly weaving tales of Ben and Becky's innocence, the challenges they face, and the collective struggle for understanding in a world in disarray. The refrain's repetitive yet haunting plea, "tell me, tell me, what's right or wrong," became a poignant anchor, echoing the universal quest for clarity amid chaos.

The song's strength lies not just in its musical composition but in its ability to provoke introspection and spark conversations about the state of our world. As I listened, I couldn't help but feel immersed in the urgency and tension of the story. "Innocents on the Run" isn't merely a song; it's a social commentary wrapped in a melodic embrace, inviting listeners to reflect on the complexities of our collective journey.

Certified Bop Certified Bop, December 2023

Quality folk, full of personality, powerful, with an innovative, audacious feel and sung by an incredible, intense voice, the kind that brings the words expressed to life, making them reach us, a song full of energy and attitude, worth the worth checking out!

IndieOclock Indieoclock, December 2023

Saw You on the Street David Kuncicky has revealed his new song "Saw You on the Street"

The track takes listeners on a mesmerizing journey through the vibrant city streets, where love blossoms amidst the raw emotions and bright lights. Kuncicky, renowned for his ability to create stunning soundscapes, has blended soulful vocals with a dynamic arrangement that captures the essence of modern romance. "Saw You on the Street" represents Kuncicky's artistic talents, demonstrating his ability to seize fleeting moments and turn them into an excellent melody.

The song's appeal lies in its authenticity, with Kuncicky's evocative lyrics painting a vivid picture of chance encounters and the magnetic attraction of connection. The production is a work of art, with Kuncicky personally overseeing production and mixing, showcasing his multifaceted musical abilities.

Lyrical Odyssey Lyrical Odyssey, December 2023

Saw You on the Street excels in its mix... The arrangement is tastefully chosen and arranged, contributing to the overall atmosphere. The percussion work is outstanding, providing a rhythmic foundation that makes the track more interesting. A masterfully mixed song with excellent instrumentation and compelling vocals. I would love to hear more songs like this one! Love it!

Indiefferential Indiefferential, December 2023

I find it hard not to immediately love the track for the beautiful vocals. A lot of catchy instruments are laid into this record. There are other outstanding elements, especially well-earned violin...

Dreamy Paradise Dreamy Paradise, December 2023

Bending the Dragon Review of David Kuncicky's album "An American In Texas"

Kudos to Kuncicky for registering the super-apt website domain, “,” and double-kudos for absolutely slaying, old fiddle guy or not. An American in Texas not only weaves in and out of styles so deftly it’s mind-boggling, the entire production is absolutely perfect. From the Spanish-sounding opener “Old Stoat” and the oh-so-bluegrass movements of “Snake in the Grass” to the Irish-esque “Bending the Dragon” and the gorgeous closing title track, the entire album is so jubilant that Kuncicky’s absolute love of fiddle-driven numbers practically jumps off the album and hugs you tight. In a sea of emulators, the man has gone all-original amid an old-timey style of music, and this is no small feat. Like fiddle? You need this.

Santa Fe Reporter Santa Fe Reporter, June 2016

Plague Doctors

I just immersed myself in the hauntingly beautiful world of "Plague Doctors," and I can't help but express my enthusiasm for this instrumental masterpiece. The way you've crafted the composition is nothing short of genius – it's like a sonic journey through time. The haunting melodies evoke a sense of historical mystery, perfectly capturing the essence of the seventeenth-century plague doctors. The choice of instruments and the atmospheric quality of the music create an immersive experience, almost as if I'm witnessing these enigmatic figures in action.

Storytelling in "Plague Doctors" is truly remarkable. Without a single word, the music vividly paints the picture of a bygone era, with its epidemics and the unique attire of those who fought against them. The ebb and flow of the melody add a layer of suspense, and the subtle variations keep the listener engaged throughout. It's a testament to your ability to convey a narrative purely through music. This composition isn't just an instrumental piece; it's a sonic adventure that captivates the imagination. Bravo, David – looking forward to more musical journeys crafted by your inventive touch!

Certified Bop Certified Bop, January 2024

We Play For Ourselves
Steffie Grow

In the early evening we pick up our instruments with real determination. ...not always, sometimes cool and casual. The mood changes, we get comfortable. I shuffle left in my chair, he stands facing me with a fiddle, or sometimes a banjo. I didn’t study music in school but wished I had.

we play for ourselves.

When it flows it feels like bowling a strike. Sometimes the tunes are played straight, sometimes, syncopated or swingy.

we play for ourselves.

we both sing at times, we sound rough but it’s not a sin. Not a sin to use our voices, we sing out into the thin air. It used to be happy hour time with margaritas and gin tonics but we stopped that and sing straight. The jazz sounds better, so does June Apple and Kitchen Girl.

we play for ourselves.

© 2019 Steffie Grow

There's 13 hundred and 52 fiddle players in Asheville, and every one of them plays fiddle better than I will. Asheville cats, been playing since they's babies ...
331,650 total streams, $332 in revenue. I think I'll retire now!

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