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2019 - Featuring the award-winning bluegrass song Fire On The Mountain

  1. Manuela (4:29)
  2. Birth Of A Nation (4:17)
  3. Baltic Boogie (3:28)
  4. Ninety Miles From Nashville (4:02)
  5. Tough Cookie (2:57)
  6. Day Job (3:09)
  7. (Nothing But) Flowers (4:47)
  8. Lives In The Balance (3:20)
  9. Kona Boys (2:53)
  10. Last Redneck Sheriff (4:50)
  11. Fire On The Mountain (2:39)
  12. 221B Baker Street (2:53)
  • David Kuncicky: vocals, fiddle, banjo, guitar, bass
  • Steffie Grow: vocals
  • Richard Clyde Kuncicky: guitar
  • Carlos Rodriguez: accordian, harmonica, piano

  • All songs written by David Kuncicky (BMI) except:
    • (Nothing But) Flowers by David Byrne, Jerry Harrison, Tina Weymouth, Yves N'jock, and Chris Frantz (WB Music Corp. o/b/o Index Music, Inc.)
    • Lives In The Balance by Jackson Browne (Swallow Turn Music)
    • 221B Baker Street by Patrick Gowers (Sony/ATV Publishing)

Recorded, mixed and mastered at La Barberia Studios, Santa Fe, New Mexico
A Little Past Moondown

2017 - Featuring the award-winning cover of Walk Of Life

  1. Walk Of Life (4:07) (Mark Knopfler) ©Straightjacket Songs Ltd.
  2. Down Along The Cove (2:39) (Bob Dylan) ©Dwarf Music
  3. Old Stoat (3:05) (David Kuncicky) ©David Kuncicky
  4. A Hurricane's Coming (3:15) (Delma Carl Suggs) ©Hurricane Hole Music
  5. Blind Boy Billy (3:31) (Bill Wharton) ©Peckerwood Publishing
  6. End Of The Line (3:18) (Dylan, Orbison, Lynne, Harrison, Petty)
  7. Hotter Than That (2:55) (Lillian Hardin Armstrong) ©Universal-MCA Music
  8. Pack It Up (3:08) (Pokey Lafarge) ©Bluewater Music Corp.
  9. Tate's Hell (3:39) (Will McLean) ©Wakulla Music Co.
  10. The Gates Of Haast (4:39) (David Kuncicky) ©David Kuncicky
  11. Tough Cookie (2:59) (David Kuncicky) ©David Kuncicky
  12. There But For Fortune (3:14) (Phil Ochs) ©Almo Music Corp
  • David Kuncicky: vocals, fiddle, banjo, guitar, mandolin, bass
  • Steffie Grow: vocals, kazoo, washboard, spoons
  • Paul Bast: dobro

Recorded, mixed and mastered at La Barberia Studios, Santa Fe, New Mexico
An American In Texas

2015 - A collection of original fiddle tunes

  1. Old Stoat (3:00)
  2. Fly the Blue Pigeon (2:35)
  3. Helen's Tune (3:45)
  4. Baltic Boogie (3:30)
  5. The Waggle Dance (2:40)
  6. Snake in the Grass (2:43)
  7. A Scandal in Bohemia (2:44)
  8. Sally Ann (2:25)
  9. Bending the Dragon (2:38)
  10. The Whipple Tree (2:54)
  11. The Bay of Plenty (2:53)
  12. An American in Texas (2:48)
  • David Kuncicky: fiddle
  • Steffie Grow: percussion:
  • Sharyn: woodwinds
  • Ron Ferrell: keyboards
  • Mikel Garcia: bass

    All songs written by David Kuncicky (©2015 BMI) except:
  • Sally Ann (Public Domain)
  • An American In Texas (written by Carroll Des Champs Hood ©Good Dinner Music)

Cover photo by Tom C. McGee, Jr.

Special thanks to Bob Hill and Howard Rubin for their feedback and encouragement.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at La Barberia Studios, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Santa Fe Reporter
Review of An American In Texas
Santa Fe Reporter June 2016
reviewed by Alex De Vore

Kudos to Kuncicky for registering the super-apt website domain, “,” and double-kudos for absolutely slaying, old fiddle guy or not. An American in Texas not only weaves in and out of styles so deftly it’s mind-boggling, the entire production is absolutely perfect. From the Spanish-sounding opener “Old Stoat” and the oh-so-bluegrass movements of “Snake in the Grass” to the Irish-esque “Bending the Dragon” and the gorgeous closing title track, the entire album is so jubilant that Kuncicky’s absolute love of fiddle-driven numbers practically jumps off the album and hugs you tight. In a sea of emulators, the man has gone all-original amid an old-timey style of music, and this is no small feat. Like fiddle? You need this.
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